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FSBO | What is For Sale by Owner?

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) is one of many methods of selling properties. Commonly, when people try to sell their homes or properties, they would involve a real estate agent or a middleman.

But this middleman is absent in FSBO. In FSBO, the owner of the property negotiates with the buyer and sells the property without a real estate agent. Doing this can help the seller to save costs. Since they will not have to pay for the services of an agent, they save costs.

Although the owner of the property does not involve a real estate agent, the buyer might involve one. The buyer’s real estate agent hunts for the best deals and takes them to the buyer. Now, in some cases, the agent might decide to seek a commission from the seller. But not all sellers agree to this. In cases where the buyer’s agent does not get a commission, the property may not be listed on a Multiple Listing Service.

What is FSBO?

List of the steps in the For Sale by Owner Process

The For Sale by Owner property sale is not without a process. Certain steps must be taken and certain requirements must be fulfilled for the sale to happen. The following are the steps in the FSBO process:

Determine the Asking Price

The first step in the FSBO process is to determine the asking price. By comparing the property to be sold with similar properties in the neighborhood, the seller can come up with an asking price.

The property to be compared with must have similar features as the property to be sold. Features like the size of the property, number of bedrooms, and parking space are to be considered in choosing the asking price.

Promote the Property

After fixing the price, the seller has to promote the property. There are many means by which they can promote the property. It can be done through online listings, social media, and many other means.

Arrange for Viewing

People who are interested in the property would want to have a view of what they intend to buy first. Thus, the seller must fix dates when the prospective buyers can come to have a view of the property.

Negotiation and Terms & Conditions

After prospective buyers have viewed the property and the seller gets an offer, negotiation starts. After negotiating and an agreement is reached, they come up with the terms and conditions for the sale.

Provision of Legal Documents

Following the conclusion of negotiation, the seller must come up with all documents necessary for the sale. The bill of sale is one of the most important documents that must be made available. It carries the details of the transaction. The terms and conditions is also an important document that must be provided.

Wrapping the Sale Up

This is the final step. After all conditions of sale have been satisfied, the seller transfers the lease of the home to the buyer. This concludes the sale of the property.

FSBO Benefits

Benefits of Doing FSBO

The usual method of selling a house involves employing a real estate agent. The real estate agent manages the process of selling the property. But in FSBO, things are different.

There is no real estate agent or middleman in FSBO. The benefits of this absence include the following:

  • It saves time

The FSBO process saves time because every inquiry from the buyer gets to the seller directly. In traditional sales, when the inquiries go through an agent, there will be a lag in relaying them.

  • It saves cost

If the seller has to employ a real estate agent, the seller will pay for the agent’s services. The agent is paid a commission.

This commission is usually in the range of 4% to 7% of the amount paid for the sale. But without an agent, no commission is paid and all returns go to the owner of the property.

  • It improves clarity

Another issue that is absent in FSBO is a lack of clarity. When a real estate agent is involved in the sale of a property, there might be a loss of meaning in translation.

As the agent relays the questions from the buyer to the seller, some questions might be misinterpreted. This might cause delays and misunderstandings. But in FSBO, where the buyer speaks with the seller directly, this is unlikely to happen.

House For Sale by Owner

House For Sale by Owner

House For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner Vs Hiring a Real Estate Agent

The differences between an FSBO and hiring a real estate agent are highlighted in the following table:


In FSBO, the seller pays no commission. But in some cases where the buyer involves an agent, the seller may pay the buyer’s agent a commission.

The seller pays a commission to the agent the seller employs.


In FSBO, the seller pays no commission. But in some cases where the buyer involves an agent, the seller may pay the buyer’s agent a commission.

The presence of a middleman lengthens the process of selling the property.


The negotiation involves the seller and the buyer only. But the buyer may choose to get a real estate lawyer and an agent involved in the negotiation.

The seller is not directly involved in the negotiation process.


The returns are usually higher in FSBO because there is usually no commission to pay.

Payment of commission to the agent will reduce the returns to the seller.

Places To Find For Sale by Owner Houses

When a real estate agent is involved in the process, the property is usually listed on the multiple listing service (MLS). But in an FSBO situation, this might not be possible without a licensed real estate agent.

While the seller may not involve an agent, the buyer might. Properties for sale can only be placed on the MLS by licensed real estate agents. Without being listed on the MLS, the search for an FSBO property is open. MLS has more visitors than other places you can find houses for sale.

To find FSBO houses, you can check websites, local newspapers, social media, flyers, and many more. The following are some websites known to list FSBO houses:

  • Realtor.com
  • ForSaleByOwner.com
  • REDX
  • FSBO.com
  • Zillow.com
FSBO - What Does For Sale By Owner Mean?
FSBO - What Does For Sale By Owner Mean?

FSBO - What Does For Sale By Owner Mean?

Risks Associated With Buying FSBO Houses

Buying FSBO houses is not without risks. When you buy an FSBO house without an agent, the risks are very high. But if you have an agent with you through the process, the risks are lower. 

As a buyer, you stand the risk of buying an overpriced property. This happens when the seller does not know enough about the appraisal of properties within that locale.

Since the seller is not employing the services of a real estate agent and he/she is unaware of the intricacies of appraisal, the property is overpriced.

But if as a buyer, you enter into a negotiation with your own real estate agent, your agent will notify you of this.

Apart from this, your agent will come in handy when you are viewing the house. Your agent would be aware of certain things to look out for in the property.

If the agent sees undesirable features, they will call your attention to it. But you might not notice such features on your own.

If you choose not to get a real estate agent while in the process of buying an FSBO house, you can get a real estate lawyer.

The lawyer will help verify the verity of the processes and the documents involved in the process. While you may have to pay for the services of either an agent or a lawyer, this saves you from regrets afterward.

The risks are not exclusive to the buyers. The sellers are also at risk. Since the seller is not involving an agent, they may overprice or under price the property.

When the seller overprices, the buyer suffers. But when the seller under prices, the seller might even lose more money than he/she planned to save through FSBO. Also, if the seller draws up legally flawed documents, there may be legal implications later on.

Using an Agent in an FSBO Property Transaction

The seller of an FSBO property will definitely not involve an agent. If an agent is involved, it stops being an FSBO property. But the buyer can involve an agent. One of the best decisions a buyer can make while transacting for an FSBO property is to use an agent.

When you use an agent in your transaction, they will help verify the pricing of the property. This is one of the many advantages that come with using an agent. They can help spot when the property is overvalued.

Another advantage that comes with using an agent is that they know how to negotiate better. They can help you strike a better deal. They can help you spot certain features in the house that you may not notice yourself.

In some cases, the seller might pay the commission of the buyer’s agent. But this is not binding on the seller and they might refuse to bear the cost. In such cases, the buyer would agree with the agent to include his commission in the offer presented to the seller.

As a buyer looking to get an FSBO property, the best way to go is to go with an agent. Going with your agent makes up for the lapses that may occur because the seller has no agent.

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