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Best Time Of The Year to Buy A House | What’s The Best Time In The Year

Looking for information on the best time of the year to buy a house?

Below you will find a series of thoughts and things to consider in order to make the best decision at the optimal time if you are looking to purchase a property.

When is the best time to buy a house?

The quick answer is Spring and Summer time.

Everything seems right, your credit score, your account balance, the contact of the best agent in the entire city, what is left is to buy a house. All is going according to plan, except for one thing, did you for one second, stop to consider that this was not the right time to buy a house?

Sounds like a stretch right, because if you have everything you need, nothing should stand in your way, right?

The truth is, buying a house is a little more serious business than we think it is. Buying a house requires more than having enough money to spend, and a good agent with eyes for properties, more is required.

You do not want to wake up a few months later in your new house, plagued with thoughts of ‘Did I do the right thing?’ ‘Was it right to purchase this house now?’ These thoughts do not go away, and more often than not, you will catch yourself dwelling on these thoughts. You should be able to enjoy your home, you should not look back on the money spent on something as important as a home and ask yourself if it was worth it. It should be worth it.

So, when is the best time of the year to buy a house?

Consider the holidays:

According to real estate agents, during the holidays, there is little or no competition in the housing markets. If you want to get a good deal for a house when there is no competition, it is the best time to get a house. If there is a large amount of competition, the prices go up, and then because you are in a hurry to close the deal for that house, you buy at a high price.

There is every chance that a few weeks later when the competition is lesser if you ask a real estate agent how much your house would have cost, you will be unpleasantly surprised. There are a lot of holidays in the year, so mark out the dates for one which is suitable for you and fill out your applications. This way, you can be sure that the deal you are getting is a good one, and not because of the rush hour.

Best Time to Buy a House Throughout The Year

Best Time to Buy a House Throughout The Year

Best Time to Buy a House Throughout The Year

Leverage a winter negotiation:

What would you rather do in the winter? You would most likely prefer to stay in your PJs, snuggled under a blanket, and watching home alone for the 10th time. And if you wanted to buy a house, you would rather just scroll through listings online, and leave the buying for when the snow stops.

That is exactly what everyone else would be doing, they would not want to come out to go look at houses. This gives you an advantage because if you went out, you are bound to find a good house, for a good price. Guess what, the seller would not be very eager to throw your offering out of the window, because very few people would come out in the snow to come to look at that house.

Unless they intend to keep it in the market for quite a long time till it is the rush season again, chances are, you will get a good house for a pretty good deal in the winter. It sounds tasking, but if you look away from the cold and the discomfort, you are well on your way to getting a satisfactory deal by leveraging the winter.

Another awesome thing about buying in the winter is that it is December and the holidays! People are more concerned with spreading good cheer and waiting on Santa than they are concerned with buying a house. You can always buy a house, but Christmas is once in a year. Well, this is good for you, because while they are caught up in the merry season, you are getting a house for a really good deal.

Take a chance with the summer and springtime:

In summer and springtime, a lot of people are selling houses, so there might be little surge in prices. However, there is something good about these seasons and house buying, and that is, there are more choices.

Oftentimes, we pick the houses we picked because there were not a lot of options, and then we see another that we would have afforded, and we feel bad. Looking for houses in the summer or springtime is like walking through a teddy bear store to get one. You are met with an array of options, from on;line listings, to face to face meetings, there is just a long list of inexhaustible options.
This way, you can get your dream house, or something close. Remember, if it is in the springtime, then winter just ended, so there are a lot of houses which were not sampled during the winter, you can make your pick.

The weather is favorable, and buyers would prefer to go out and make their choices, this is what spurs sellers to quickly put their houses on the market. The summer and springtime is the best time to buy a house if you want an array of options given to you.

What thoughts to consider before buying a house

Before you start looking at houses, there are a few things you need to take into consideration first. These thoughts cannot be easily ignored, as they tend to ruin things if they are not well thought through.

Buying a house is a lifelong commitment that takes money, time, and energy. If you have not done enough thinking and considered a lot of things, jumping into the housing market with nothing but a good credit score can be disastrous for you.

Some of the thoughts you need to take into consideration before buying a house include

Interest rate:

Before buying a house, you need to consider the interest rates. Naturally, when the interest rates are lower, it is an indication that the houses will be on the lower side when you have to pay monthly.

Note that this is not only enticing to you, but enticing to others as well, so expect the market to be flooded with buyers, all of whom are looking to get a house. This inadvertently becomes a survival of the fittest, and then this causes a price surge.

If you intend to take advantage of the low-interest rate to get a house, that is fine. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you might be caught in a full market, and having to pay more for a house than you are supposed to. Another reason you have to watch out for this is that, due to the surge in demand, there will be fewer options to choose from.

Take the current economy into consideration:

The world is barely recovering from the pandemic, the economy has taken a huge hit. Not a lot of people are sure of their financial standing or employment at the moment, and not a lot of people will be in the nearest future. If you are going to buy a house, you will need to carefully consider the state of the world’s economy currently, and see if your plans fit into it.

The economy stabilizes and takes a hit now and then, and it affects a lot of things when these changes happen, either positively or negatively.

Best Time of The Year To Buy A House
Best Time of The Year To Buy A House

Best Time of The Year To Buy A House

If the economy is taking a hit, and you are not very confident in your employment status and financial standing for the next few months, you might want to strike ‘buying a house’ off your list for now. At least, till you can be confident in your financial status, or better yet, when the economy picks up again.

What Is The Best Time of The Year To Buy A House?

Do you need to buy, or do you need to rent:

Here is a truth most people have issues coming to terms with ‘You do not need to buy a house’. When you look at it, you just might be better off renting, than you are buying a house.

While it might seem like a great financial decision to buy a house, you might want to take a step back to consider home ownership costs which come in two ways; One Time home ownership costs and annual ongoing home ownership costs. When there is a breakdown of both, you realize that the rent you are paying relatively cost less.

This, however, does not change the fact that a home is a good investment. And it does appreciate as time goes on, so there is a chance of reselling in the future. If you have a few debts to pay, most especially student loans, you might want to stick to the rent option for now.

Owning a house is a beautiful feeling, however, it is not rainbows and blooming flowers all the way, there is more.

When you consider buying a house, your credit score is important, but it is only one important factor among other important factors that should be looked into as well. Always make sure that all your Ts are crossed and all your Is are dotted when it comes to buying a house, leave no stone un-turned.

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